Aims and Scope

The aim of this international double-blind peer-reviewed journal is to promote original research into cross-language and cross-cultural studies in general, and Arabic-English contrastive and comparative studies in particular. Within this framework, the journal welcomes contributions to such areas of interest as comparative literature, contrastive textology, contrastive linguistics, lexicology, stylistics, and translation studies. The journal is also interested in theoretical and practical research on both English and Arabic as well as in foreign language education and speech-language pathology in the Arab world.

Reviews of important, up-to- date, relevant publications in English and Arabic are also welcome.

In addition to articles and book reviews, IJAES has room for notes, discussion and relevant academic presentations and reports. These may consist of comments, statements on current issues, short reports on ongoing research, or short replies to other articles.

The International Journal of Arabic-English Studies (IJAES) is the forum of debate and research for the Association of Professors of English and Translation at Arab Universities (APETAU). However, contributions from scholars involved in language, literature and translation across language communities are invited.